IISc and TalentSprint’s pioneering course on AI for Digital Health is preparing professionals for the new era of healthcare

The adoption of technology in healthcare has led to a paradigm shift, enhancing medical services’ efficiency and accessibility across diverse demographics. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms has played a pivotal role in transforming healthcare solutions and delivery systems. The integration of technology in healthcare has transformed medical services, with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms revolutionising clinical applications and scrutinising insurance claims for irregularities.
Data, pivotal in this shift, aids in disease screening and personalised drug delivery, improving patient outcomes. Projections suggest AI’s potential to reshape Indian healthcare, with an expected expenditure of $11.78 billion by 2025 and a projected $1 trillion contribution to India’s economy by 2035.1 In this tech-driven era, upskilling in digital health technology presents a significant opportunity for healthcare professionals. These advancements empower practitioners to promote patient autonomy and transparency, enhancing improved doctor-patient relationships and advancing disease prevention methods for value-based care.
The strategic implementation of digital health technologies enables professionals to explore and understand e-health solutions, medical devices, wearables, and more. Skill-building in these areas empowers health enablers to delve into telemedicine, BioTech, and personalised healthcare with a comprehensive approach. Staying ahead of these technological advancements can ensure a space where better health is not just a possibility but a practised reality. The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) addresses this need for a platform that can help professionals build these skills with its pioneering programme – the Advanced Certificate in AI for Digital Health and Imaging.
IISc Advanced Certificate in AI for Digital Health and Imaging
Delivered over a span of 10 months, the Advanced Certificate in AI for Digital Health and Imaging adopts a unique approach by conducting 100% faculty-led interactive live classes during the weekends. Renowned biomedical experts proficient in computational data science and biological sciences from IISc lead these sessions, ensuring a top-notch learning environment. These sessions provide a deep dive into topics such as AI applications, medical imaging modalities, and physiological signal processing, ensuring participants acquire the knowledge and expertise required to excel in this rapidly evolving field.

Advanced Certificate in AI for Digital Health and Imaging | Indian Institute of Science

Prof. Phaneendra Yalavarthy, Programme Coordinator, says, “In the healthcare industry, which has shown a consistent growth rate of close to nine per cent over the past four decades, IISc has remained at the forefront of biomedical sciences. We have primarily focused on leveraging digital technologies for healthcare and imaging to disseminate knowledge to working professionals and produce innovative solutions. Through our Advanced Certificate in AI and Digital Health and Imaging, we aim to bring transformative technologies to a broader audience. This initiative marks the first time in India that individuals from diverse backgrounds, including medical imaging, computer vision, machine learning, and AI, are coming together to offer this comprehensive programme.”
A cutting-edge curriculum that prepares participants for the future of healthcare
This 10-month programme comprises the following modules:
Bridge Module: Concentrates on fundamental mathematical principles and programming skills.
Digital Health Introduction: This course explores opportunities in open source/data/innovation, delves into understanding IT infrastructure and its impact, and presents case studies. It also covers the basics of eHealth and related topics.
Wearable Devices and Physiological Signal Processing: Provides insights into wearable sensors for health monitoring, speech and audio signal processing, and the processing of EEG and ECG data.
Machine Learning Basics for Real-World: This module encompasses the basics of pattern recognition, generative modelling, fundamental mathematics for machine learning, and an introduction to real-world signals. It serves as a focal point for foundational machine learning concepts.
Deep Learning in Digital Health: Explores the basics of deep learning, applications of deep, convolutional, and recurrent models in healthcare, and the use of natural language processing.
Deep Learning in Imaging/Vision: Understands and implements medical imaging modalities, covering workflows, applications, and protocols and providing an introduction to deep learning models in the context of imaging and vision.
Programme outcomes:
At the end of the programme, you will have:

  • Benefited from the wealth of knowledge and expertise offered by distinguished faculty members at IISc
  • Applied theoretical concepts learned throughout the programme to real-world scenarios, solidifying your understanding and skills.
  • Connected with a diverse community of present and future data science professionals forming meaningful relations and collaborations
  • Received recognition with an Executive Programme Certificate from the Center for Continuing Education at IISc.

Why choose IISc’s Advanced Certificate in AI for Digital Health and Imaging programme?

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The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), with its expertise in multi-disciplinary science, is the ideal institution to offer a comprehensive programme on Digital Health and Imaging. Developed in collaboration with TalentSprint, this executive-level programme caters to professionals at the forefront of creating innovative technology solutions in areas such as eHealth, Personalized Healthcare, BioTech, Medical Devices, Wearables, and Digital Therapeutics.
Renowned as India’s premier institution for advanced scientific and technological research and education, IISc holds the prestigious status of being one of the first three publicly funded institutes awarded the Institute of Eminence title. Its global recognition and consistent top rankings, including being named India’s #1 University and #1 Research Institute by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2023 Ranking, prove its excellence in the field.
What sets IISc’s AI for Digital Health and Imaging apart from the rest?

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Expert faculty: Learn from distinguished Biomedical faculty with extensive expertise in Computational Data Science and Biological Sciences, ensuring a comprehensive and cutting-edge educational experience. All faculty members hold doctorates in their respective fields, such as computer science and automation, as well as instrumentation and applied physics, from premier institutions around the world.
Unique design: Experience a distinctive executive programme meticulously crafted to cater to professionals situated at the intersection of healthcare and technology. The programme is delivered through Live interactive classes on weekends conducted by the expert IISc faculty.
1:1 mentoring: Receive personalised mentoring from industry experts who will guide you through your learning journey and offer invaluable insights and support.
Peer networking: Join an exclusive community comprising top digital health professionals, practitioners, and researchers. Engage in meaningful interactions, aiding a collaborative and enriching learning environment. The participants will also get to interact with their peers during the one-day visit to the IISc campus.
TalentSprint advantage: Utilise the 24×7 pracademic platform—iPearl.ai—provided by TalentSprint, ensuring continuous skill-building opportunities. The platform combines multiple learning technologies, allowing for synchronous and asynchronous learning, assignments, assessments, group work, cloud labs, and video indexing—all accessible with a single sign-on.
What are learners saying about this programme?
The Advanced Certificate in AI for Digital Health and Imaging from IISc promotes experiential learning, leveraging the collective expertise of participants with 5 to 15 years of diverse experience in managerial and leadership roles. Networking within this diverse group not only boosts professional confidence but also broadens perspectives to encompass the myriad opportunities that lie ahead. As a testament to its effectiveness, the programme boasts an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 4.4 out of 5.
Professionals hailing from a wide array of fields such as research, engineering, and IT, and occupying roles such as healthcare data analyst, advanced analytics and insights strategist, research scientist, health programme analyst, associate scientist, drug product development, and senior medical imaging software engineer, have embraced this innovative programme to enhance their skill sets further and stay at the forefront of industry advancements.
Deepak Kumar, who works in Manufacturing, says, “I aspire to become a product manager or lead a healthcare informatics division of a company. I believe my professional experience, combined with expertise built during the programme, will prepare me for a senior role in the organisation.”

Alumni Stories | Tufail Ahmed | AI for Digital Health and Imaging

Prashanth Chandra Shekhar, a BFSI professional, says, “My company will soon foray into numerous dimensions of Healthcare, including Provider/Payer Analytics etc. The capabilities built here will help me contribute to the upcoming project in my organisation.”

Alumni Stories | Sai Krishna | AI for Digital Health and Imaging

Madhuri S Chakragiri, who works in the healthcare sector, says, “My current work revolves around Medical Imaging. Through this programme, I am looking forward to building a sound knowledge of Digital Health technologies to further deploy the same in our upcoming R&D Projects of Medical Imaging.”
Who should opt for this programme?
AI will create 7 lakh jobs for the healthcare sector by 2030. The programme is tailored for technology and healthcare professionals who aspire to build cutting-edge technology solutions in E-Health, Telemedicine, Biotech, Medical, and Wearable devices. Key digital health careers with growth potential are Healthcare Data Analyst, Research Scientist in Health AI, Senior Medical Imaging Software Engineer, Research Scientist specialising in Healthcare Image Analytics, Digital Health Consultant, Digital Health Developer, and more.
Bachelors (four years or equivalent) or Masters in Science / Engineering / Medicine / Pharmacy / Management.
Work experience: 1 year
Basic coding experience is needed.
Application fee: ₹2,000
To enhance accessibility, IISc and TalentSprint have introduced initiatives such as academic scholarships and a 12-month 0% EMI option aimed at widening access to a broader audience.
In the era of technology-driven healthcare, AI’s immense potential necessitates experts capable of harnessing these technologies for effective health outcomes. Enrolling in this programme offers participants the opportunity to advance in their careers, contributing to the positive transformation of healthcare for the betterment of society.
For more information about the programme, interested individuals can click here.
1. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/10/ai-in-healthcare-india-trillion-dollar/
Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of TalentSprint by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.


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