Healthcare Vendors Race Towards Ambient Technology


In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors are vying for dominance by integrating ambient listening with AI.

In 2024, healthcare CIOs will focus on AI utilizing ambient solutions. Integrating ambient listening technology into EHR and clinical workflows can significantly enhance provider efficiency and patient care. This integration allows healthcare providers to be more attentive and present with patients, creating less demanding documentation experiences. It rapidly generates Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP) notes within seconds. Additionally, it offers the convenience of providing patients with a copy of their visit notes before they leave the office, enhancing transparency and patient engagement in their care process.

Below are the recent healthcare EMR vendors that have integrated ambient solution partners.


Nuance Communications, Inc. has enabled the integration of its Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience Copilot (DAX Copilot) into the Epic electronic health record system. This collaboration, stemming from a partnership between Microsoft, Nuance, and Epic, automates clinical documentation, lightens administrative burdens, and allows physicians to focus more on patient care. It drafts clinical notes securely and records both in-office and telehealth while producing drafts for immediate physician review.

Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant

Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant (CDA) is a voice-first mobile assistant designed for physicians and mid-level providers. It integrates virtual assistant capabilities, ambient participation, and dictation to enhance clinical workflows. Operating on the Oracle Digital Assistant platform, this tool employs advanced speech, language, and generative AI technologies to improve clinical tasks and integrates seamlessly into EHRs. It enables healthcare professionals to perform tasks like querying patient information in natural language, generating notes through ambient listening, dictating medical notes, and adding comprehensive details such as diagnoses or allergies to patient charts.

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare introduced Ambient Assist. This ambient listening tool interprets patient-provider conversations in real-time, summarizing appointments and documenting care plans. Ambient Assist saves providers time and generates subjective, objective, assessment, and plan notes. The NextGen mobile application, leveraging generative AI, filters relevant details with over 90% accuracy. Providers can review SOAP notes within 30 seconds after a patient encounter, make necessary edits, and seamlessly integrate them into the NextGen Enterprise EHR, streamlining the documentation process without needing copy-pasting.


eClinicalWorks integrates to capture and document clinical information during patient-provider conversations. It uses AI voice recognition to transcribe and categorize dialogue flows from patient encounters into structured progress notes. also efficiently handles orders for labs, imaging, medications, and follow-ups, making the process seamless. Additionally, it aids in streamlining clinical documentation by enabling providers to review, modify, and import the summarized content, ensuring its accuracy and completeness.

Many point solution vendors also offer ambient solutions tailored to the healthcare sector with ambient listening, AI-driven documentation, and workflow optimization designed to improve efficiency in healthcare. This trend significantly shifts towards more personalized and efficient healthcare technology solutions.

In conclusion, healthcare CIOs today have many options for integrating ambient listening technologies into their systems. They can utilize their EMR systems or integrate third-party point solutions. This variety of choices allows healthcare organizations to tailor their approach to ambient listening, ensuring they can select a solution that best fits their needs and enhances their healthcare delivery.


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